Dems shouldn’t take voters for granted

Bill Beren
JoAnn Katzban
Published: 11/24/2019

On Election Day, we entered the voting booth and chose not to vote for any candidate running for Assembly in the 34th District. We are registered Democrats, and candidates Thomas Giblin and Britnee Timberlake generally vote in sync with our values, but neither made any effort to let us know who they were and why we should vote for them.

Democrats took our votes for granted, and the Republicans obviously did not think outreach would sway us — probably correct, but you never know.

Over the past two years that Giblin and Timberlake have served, we have not received any mailing or email telling us what they have done in office, how their work has promoted issues we care about, or any other news about their service. They have not held any town meetings in Montclair that we might attend, or otherwise made attempts to reach out to us, their constituents.

We realize that our lone dissents were not sufficient to change the outcome of the election, but hopefully this letter will lead candidates to take heed.

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