History is Full of Immigrants. It Will Judge Us Poorly for Our Policies

Jim Price
Published: 09/24/2021

Regarding the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) cowboys chasing Haitian immigrants at the border. President Biden has left it to his Press Secretary Jen Psaki to acknowledge that the images are “horrific”. It’s the behavior that’s horrific, not only the images. Apparently President Biden and DHS head Mayorkas would prefer that the CBP stop acting like antebellum plantation managers so that the administration can deport everyone under the bridge back to Haiti without offending voter sensibilities.

Earthquakes, floods, a wrecked economy and a non-functional government. Please, the Haitians are not coming to steal our jobs, they’re trying desperately just to stay alive. According to American lore, this is where Americans jump in, we welcome immigrants in distress.

A brief bit of history. Every white person in the United States comes from immigrant stock. For those who maintain that their ancestors came in “the right way”, until the end of WWI, there was virtually no limitation on white immigration (criminals and those with infectious diseases were not admitted). There was no right way because there was no wrong way; if you were white, you got in.

Let them in. Test everyone for Covid. Let them apply for asylum. Let’s live up to the history that we claim to be ours.

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