How The Line Impacts How People Vote

Laura Morowitz
Published: 01/10/2020

We all like to believe that when we go into the voting booth we are making informed decisions and voting for the candidate of our choice. But when NJ Democrats go to vote they are faced with a confusing--and frankly weird--ballot listing Democratic candidates in different “columns”.

Although in reality voters can cross columns many people do not realize that and go “down the line”. And although ALL the democratic candidates represent the Democratic party only the first column states “Democratic Committee of your County”, making voters feel unsure about all the others. Not surprisingly, the first column is for the already entrenched candidates--incumbents and those the NJ Democratic party machine would like to see win, putting newcomers and challengers at an intended disadvantage. Just because a candidate isn’t in column one doesn’t make them less worthy--it just means they haven’t been “anointed” by the big Jersey machine!

Cleaning up NJ Democratic party politics begins with getting rid of this system and replacing it with a fair, transparent and easy to read one. Until that happens share this information with those you know--and give the grass roots, new and reforming candidates a chance in New Jersey too!

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