In the NJ Legislature, Democrats Are Working, Republicans are Super Spreading

Laura Morowitz
Published: 12/04/2021

The events of this week really called into sharp relief the difference between Democratic governor Phil Murphy, along with four Democratic Assemblymembers, who want to actually help the people of New Jersey, and the petulant, selfish Republicans in the State Senate.

While the Democrats passed into legislation a new bill making more families eligible for the State’s Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, doing real work to offer relief to the hard-hit families of New Jersey, the Republican child-men were busy grandstanding at the Statehouse, attempting to enter it without the legally required proof of vaccination or Covid test. While the Democrats were doing the people’s business, the Republicans were busy showboating, stopping government from going forward while State Troopers had to be called in to enforce the law.

In their callous and ignorant refusal to follow CDC guidelines to prevent Covid spread, these Republican Assemblymen endanger their fellow congresspeople, and all residents of New Jersey by setting a pathetic example, all for a few seconds of spotlight on their irresponsible behavior to please the radical right. While Democrats are focused on measures to provide real help in the Age of Covid, Republicans only know how to engage in antics shown to worsen the pandemic. Pathetic.

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