In the Year of Coronavirus, You Must Be an Active Voter

Laura Morowitz
Published: 08/26/2020

For months now, as the Corona virus continues to spiral upward and the utter failure of the Trump administration to handle, or even acknowledge the crisis continues, his polls numbers have been dropping. In response he has made it clear that he will undermine, and attempt to delegitimize the elections in every way possible: through a propaganda campaign, through attempting to destroy the United States Postal Service, through deploying his minions to throw out legitimate ballots. The only way to counteract this is for ALL of us to spring into action NOW.

1. If you aren’t registered, google “register to vote”, spend 5 minutes online and do it TODAY. 2. If you are registered, be vigilant and be sure you are updated at (after September 4 you can register online there as well). Every registered voter will receive a vote by mail ballot. If you have not gotten one by the second week in October call your Essex County Clerk immediately. Fill it out, sign it and get it into a mailbox (no stamp needed) or if they are ready, the dropboxes AS SOON AS YOU CAN. The earlier people vote, the less of a burden it will be on the post office. 4. On election day be vigilant. If you see a problem, call the Voter Protection Hotline at 1-877-NJ-VOTER.

We must all think of ourselves as voter activists. Share this information with everyone you know and urge everyone to register, and get their vote by mail ballot in as soon as they can. Your part in this election starts TODAY. Protect our democracy.

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