In This Election, Science and Competence Must Win

Laura Morowitz
Published: 10/24/2021

As horrible as COVID was for New Jersey, I often think how much worse it would have been had we still had Republican governor Chris Christie.

Like nearly all Republican governors, he would have marched lockstep with Trump, showing allegiance to the great leader by ignoring science, refusing mask mandates, doing nothing to urge residents to get vaccinated. Instead of being one of the states with the lowest rates of COVID spread we would be among the highest. By speaking at a Stop the Steal Rally and claiming children are unharmed by COVID, Jack Ciattarelli makes clear who he really is: someone waiting to turn New Jersey away from science and fact and do whatever it takes to stay in the good graces of the extremists and crazies.

NJ does not need another bully governor. We need calm, compassion and competence. We need Governor Murphy and we need to return him to office on November 2.

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