Jack Ciattarelli Cannot Be Trusted

Arthur Portnoy
Published: 10/15/2021

Beware a wolf in sheep’s clothing would be good advice for anyone thinking of voting for Jack Ciattarelli for governor. Mr. Ciattarelli calls himself a moderate but often embraces both sides of an issue while sending out dog whistles to show those on the right he is one of their own.

Regarding vaccine and mask mandates Ciattarelli has stated, ¨I’ve never felt that the government has a right to tell anybody they have to ingest a medicine or a vaccine¨. In fact, almost all children in this country receive a number of vaccines before entering public schools. This should not be a political issue. Vaccination and mask mandates save lives.

Concerning abortion, Mr. Ciattarelli attacked Gov. Murphy as supporting a radical agenda by backing the Reproductive Freedom Act. The legislation only codifies what is already legal here. Mr. Ciattarelli supports a bill that would prohibit abortions at 20 weeks or more. Mr. Ciattarelli´s election would certainly be a blow to women's reproductive rights in New Jersey.

After the November election, Mr. Ciattarelli spoke at a Trump rally, replete with Confederate flags, white supremacists and a large ¨Stop the Steal¨ banner hanging behind him. Mr. Ciattarelli said he didn’t realize the rally was about grievances over the election. Really?

The governorship of New Jersey is too important a job to give to a candidate whose veracity is so lacking.

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