Mitch’s Agenda Costs NJ

John Willard
Published: 05/01/2020

One of the crucial things citizens of New Jersey can do in the 2020 elections is support Democrats in other states running to unseat Republican senators. Thanks to Mitch McConnell’s deplorable (yes, I’m calling him deplorable) statement that there would be “no blue state bailout,” I learned that New Jersey “bails out” states like Kentucky every year.

A Rockefeller Institute report examines the difference between what states pay in federal taxes compared to what the federal government spends in each state. The disparity is striking. In New Jersey, we pay out $1,293 per capita more than we get back, making us the #3 “donor” state. In Mitch’s Kentucky, the #3 “taker” state, they get $8,909 more back than they pay! That’s a difference of $10,202! Who is bailing whom?

Mitch doesn’t care about New Jersey. He has said, "All 100 senators may have one vote, but they’re not all equal. Kentucky benefits from having one of its own setting the agenda for the country." And New Jersey pays.

Beating Trump doesn’t matter if the Republicans retain control of the Senate. So, do some research, and contribute to Democratic candidates in other states to help defeat Republican incumbents.

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