The Trump Administration is Breaking the Law, the Media Must Say It

Lori Heninger
Published: 08/26/2020

During the current Republican Convention, we are witnessing repeated violations of the Hatch Act. Use of the White House and the Rose Garden by Mr. Trump and his spouse are, if not breaking the letter of the law, acting against the spirit of the law and established norms of behavior that underpin our political process and our Democracy. Mr. Pompeo, speaking from Jerusalem, has broken that law: he is using my taxpayer dollars to endorse a candidate not of my choosing. And this, after Mr. Trump’s ignoring the emoluments clause, freezing aid to Ukraine for his personal benefit, using campaign funds to pay women to keep silent regarding his affairs.

I believed that what made the US different—special—from other countries was our reliance on the rule of law. That no one was above it and that it was, hopefully, enforced equally (although we know this is not the case). Last night, an armed militia person shot, killed and wounded people in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This lawless act has been made possible because of the lawlessness demonstrated at the highest reaches of our government.

I am writing to call on the press to stop covering Mr. Trump’s hate-filled speech because it gets you advertisers. Call out the lies. Call out the crimes. Covering both “sides” of this issue is a farce when one side’s concerns are based in fact and the other’s are based in lies propaganda. Please put giving the United States of America a chance before lining your pockets.

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