Too much political labeling

Salvatore Schifano
Published: 11/04/2021

For the past several months, the residents of a house in our township has had a lawn sign-version of the American flag displayed on their front lawn, accompanied by the words, “If you love the USA blow your horn.” Yet, I never hear a horn blow, and I don’t blow mine either. Why?

Unfortunately, I would suggest that the flag has become politicized like so many other things these days. Is it a Republican that lives in that house or a Democrat? Still wearing a mask? Democrat. Antivax? Republican. And how about “We Support Our Police” vs. “Hate Has No Home Here” signs? No question. But does being a Democrat or a Republican have anything to do with any of those things?

There’s been much political labeling during this last tumultuous decade, much of it due to the false narratives and conspiracy theories kept alive on social media and selected news networks. It’s obvious that we are much worse off as a country because of it, and the reason we now find ourselves and our democracy at a crossroads.

Regardless of whether your candidates won or lost, it’s up to the winners to take us in a direction that considers all Americans, not just selected segments of our society. I would also hope that they honor their oath of office, dismiss all of the lies that continue to plague us, and call out those that would continue to sow the seeds of hate and division in our country. We’ll know we’re getting there when we start to hear a lot more horns blowing every time we drive by that house.

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