Unmarked Federal Troops Not Welcome in New Jersey

Jim Price
Published: 07/25/2020

We have federal troops in Portland with unmarked uniforms and unmarked cars. Why unmarked? Aren't they proud of their country and the job they’re doing? The governor of Oregon and the mayor of Portland have accused them of provoking violence and asked them to leave. Trump has refused to withdraw them and has plans to send them to other cities as well. Just as an aside, where is the NRA? Isn’t this what they’ve been preparing for since forever? Not even statement of support for the Portland citizens?

In Philadelphia, the DA Larry Krasner has called Trump a "wannabe fascist” and said he will bring legal action if the storm troopers show up in Philly. Perhaps it’s time for our all-Democratic, all-liberal elected officials: Booker, Menendez, Murphy, Sherrill, Payne, Baraka and the County Commissioners to preemptively let Trump know that his attack squads are not welcome in New Jersey.

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