Why I vote for the re-election of Phil Murphy

Maria Eva Dorigo
Published: 11/01/2021

When I evaluate an administration I value the public policies that it pushes forward. Especially those with the objective to prevent catastrophes from happening. I will give one example to show what I am talking about.

I lived in Switzerland from 2005 to 2007. I had my second child there. I could tell you a lot of good things that I experienced giving birth there vs. giving birth in the US, although I will concentrate only on my post-partum. After the five-day-hospital stay (vaginal birth), I was visited by a nurse who wanted to make sure I was feeding my baby correctly, wanted to make sure how I felt, if I needed help around the house (yes they provide you with someone to help at home if needed), to make sure I knew where my nearest infirmary was (two blocks from my house I had a place to weight my daughter and talk to the nurse and get all the info needed on the normal development of a baby). All this is paid by the government.

Here in the US, unlike other developed countries, we have a high rate of maternal mortality, especially amongst people of color. 26 women every 100,000 died last year for pregnancy related complications here in NJ. A Black woman is seven times more likely to die of complications than a white woman. Did you know that thanks to Tammy, Phil Murphy and the tireless work of health officials Murphy signed into law the Universal Home Nurse Visitation Program for Newborns. Yes, we have now the same program that I benefited from over a decade ago in Switzerland. I applaud this and other efforts to minimize the death of women in NJ and value their live and their children’s lives. This is the type of administration I want to reward with my vote. These are the type of policies I want my government to implement.

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