Criminalizing Migrants Is Cruel and Ineffective

Maria Eva Dorigo
Published: 05/08/2021

Imagine your town is burning down and you have a few minutes to evacuate. You drive north with your 7 year old daughter and your wife. Your car runs out of gas and you all decide to walk. You can't distinguish if you cross the border. You all have been walking for several hours and the cold is unbearable. Your daughter is crying. A pick up truck approached you. The men in uniform only speak French, language that you neither speak nor comprehend. They take you all to a building where they say in broken English "say bye to your kid, you won't see her again" she cries desperately, you fight but you are taken away. You keep asking questions but they don't respond. They say "you illegally entered Canada, you are under arrest". You say "I was only fleeing the fire, north was the only way out". You are not allowed to call a lawyer, you don't know where your wife and child are. This nightmare continues for months. You are desperate. You can't stop crying.

This is what we do. We do it everyday. Although family separation policy is not in effect anymore we incarcerate parents and force kids to fend for themselves or place them in foster care. We criminalize people who flee their countries. Countries they did not choose to be born in. NJ should stop profiting with the suffering of human beings. Get involved. Help cancel all contracts with ICE in NJ. Help stop the criminalization of migrants.

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