Letters about Asylum

US Immigration Policy Functions by Destroying the Humanity of Those It Hurts
Maria Eva Dorigo
Published: 02/05/2022
A Aguilas del Desierto volunteer says while walking around the desert “Every bone has a story in these hostile and treacherous lands, our migrant brothers die trying to give their families a better future.” Think about it. Wouldn’t you do the same for your family? Read More
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Criminalizing Migrants Is Cruel and Ineffective
Maria Eva Dorigo
Published: 05/08/2021
Although family separation policy is not in effect anymore we incarcerate parents and force kids to fend for themselves or place them in foster care. We criminalize people who flee their countries. Countries they did not choose to be born in. NJ should stop profiting with the suffering of human beings. Read More
Looking for the root causes of migration
Maria Eva Dorigo
Published: 04/23/2021
Therefore, the US first has to acknowledge this and apologize to the people of those countries. Then, it has to repair the damage, which is not easy because the democracies of those countries are weak and politicians corrupt. Read More
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The Desperate Decision to Send Your Child Away — Alone — Hoping for a Better Life
Ann Pompelio
Published: 04/16/2021
All those parents anticipated they would never see their children again, but their children would be alive, something not guaranteed if they’d stayed put. I don’t know that desperation. Read More
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