The Desperate Decision to Send Your Child Away — Alone — Hoping for a Better Life

Ann Pompelio
Published: 04/16/2021

I don’t know what desperation causes a parent to send a minor child across our southern border in hopes that their unaccompanied child will be admitted into our country and be allowed to stay.

Maybe it’s like the desperation Jews in Nazi Europe felt when they sent their children, while they still could, anywhere to escape extermination. Maybe it’s what Vietnamese parents felt when they tossed their children over the US Embassy wall while Saigon fell, hoping their children would be on those helicopters that ferried away our evacuating government personnel. Maybe it’s what Europeans felt when they put their teenagers on boats to cross the Atlantic, hoping their children could make a life in America. All those parents anticipated they would never see their children again, but their children would be alive, something not guaranteed if they’d stayed put. I don’t know that desperation.

There are over 19,000 unaccompanied children, mostly Central American, currently being held at our southern border, fleeing violence, death, and more. Not a good situation. But they’re alive. I don’t judge their parents. I don’t criticize President Biden for allowing them in. We can’t call ourselves a pro-life nation if we turn these children away.

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