Trump's Tax Cuts Lowered Our Home Values Even As Our Tax Dollars Flow to Red States

Laura Morowitz
Published: 02/17/2020

Those Jerseyites who keep crowding into Trump rallies are not only oblivious to the truth, but to their own economic best interest.

Two recent reports (SUNY Rockefeller Institute of Government and NY State Comptroller report) found that New Jersey is dead last or second to last in getting fiscal help from D.C. For every $ 1 New Jersey sends to Washington D.C. it receives back .79 cents--the lowest of all the states. (compare it to Republican strongholds like Kentucky [$ 2 ], Mississippi [$ 2.58], Alabama [$2.09] and on and on).

House Democrats voted in December to try and help Jerseyites by doubling Trump’s deduction cap for 2019 and calling for its repeal. But--surprise surprise--Republicans in the Senate won’t bring it up for a vote. Thanks to Trump’s tax cuts for the richest Americans, all of us have seen the value of our homes lowered while our taxes go to carrying red states.

But why let the truth get in the way? Why let your own economic disenfranchisement and the actual facts spoil the enjoyment of screaming hateful, racist, delusional slogans as you pump your fist in the air and hail your great leader?

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