We need jobs. We need energy. We need our planet to survive.

Diane Simmons
Published: 04/21/2021

Coal is on the way out

Stunningly, the following sentiment was expressed not by a climate activist or scientist, but by the head of the United Mine Workers: “Change is coming, whether we seek it or not.” In a report released last week, the UMW admits that many in the industry have “looked the other way” when it came to facing the inevitable fact that coal — which contributes massively to climate change — is on the way out.

For years, I have been shocked by the willingness of the industry to deny the cataclysmic climate costs of fossil fuel use, doing so even as global warming approaches the point of no return. Could this, finally, be the change the planet so desperately needs?

And there’s more. The UMW calls on government to help find well-paying jobs for former miners.

Miners: Here’s the good news. President Joe Biden recently announced $3 billion in federal loan guarantees for offshore wind projects.

And right behind him is Gov. Phil Murphy, whose new offshore wind project is projected to add $1.17 billion to the state economy and create “thousands of good-paying union jobs.”

We need jobs. We need energy. We need our planet to survive. Former miners: Welcome to the future.

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