Letters about Climate Change

Extreme weather, but the wind brings hope
Diane Simmons
Published: 01/21/2022
The next step is to help us fight an even more extreme 2022 by halting all new fossil fuel projects in the state, thus cutting on back added greenhouse gases that help bring about climate change. Read More
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Climate Change Is Here, New Jersey Can Lead
Diane Simmons
Published: 10/11/2021
Governor Murphy: history will judge us for the actions we did or did not take when the extent of potential climate devastation became clear. I urge you to put your administration on a war footing; let New Jersey lead in this fight. Read More
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We need jobs. We need energy. We need our planet to survive.
Diane Simmons
Published: 04/21/2021
In a report released last week, the UMW admits that many in the industry have “looked the other way” when it came to facing the inevitable fact that coal — which contributes massively to climate change — is on the way out. Read More
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When Will The Turtle Back Zoo Stop Encroaching On The South Mountain Reservation?
Elizabeth Redwine
Published: 01/31/2020
In our current climate crisis and with many students voicing their informed opinion that parading animals in front of a 500 person amphitheater is not the way to educate young people about conservation, residents deserve an answer: when does this stop Read More
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