Letters about Foreign Policy

Remembering Afghani Women and Girls, Those Most Affected by the US Withdrawal
Ann Pompelio
Published: 08/21/2021
75% of Afghans are younger than 25, too young to remember pre-911 Afghanistan. Will these Afghans accept Taliban rule at gun point? Will they tolerate mothers, sisters, daughters being crushed under brutal sharia law? Read More
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We Can Do Better on Migration, and it Starts With Decriminalizing it
Maria Eva Dorigo
Published: 08/01/2021
Also, the U.S. has to treat migrants as refugees, understanding that the only way that families stop coming to the US is that there are good conditions in their countries to stay. No one wants to leave everything behind and do one of the most dangerous trips with their children knowing that they can even lose their lives in the attempt. No one. Read More
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