Letters about Joe Pennacchio

New Jersey is Not Immune to Bigoted Book Bans
Laura Morowitz
Published: 01/28/2022
In many cases parents and school administrators are taking it upon themselves to determine what is “appropriate”  reading, despite having no qualifications or experience to judge. Why is it that so often the stories found to be “inappropriate” are those told from the point of view of the marginalized and oppressed: persecuted Jews, impoverished African-Americans and derided LGBTQ people? Read More
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Senator Joe Pennacchio Is Deadly Wrong on Masks
Laura Morowitz
Published: 09/03/2021
And yet, in contrast to all the above things, wearing a mask can help prevent children from catching a disease that can kill people. Masks are non-invasive, they are cheap and they are easy. Being in the hospital is invasive, incredibly expensive and profoundly difficult. Stop catering to fool and the angry mob and do the right thing for the people of New Jersey. Read More
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