Letters about Drivers Licenses for All

Allowing undocumented immigrants to drive legally makes everyone on New Jersey roads safe
Kristin Shea
Published: 12/15/2019
Call your representatives and let them know you want them to support drivers licenses for all. Read More
ImmigrationDrivers Licenses for All
Support Drivers Licenses For The Undocumented Workers That Surround You Daily
Laura Morowitz
Published: 12/13/2019
Refusing to issue licenses to undocumented residents will not make them magically disappear, or return to the life-threatening countries which they left in the first place. It will only make the roads less safe and offer less opportunity for these individuals to do what they came here for: to work hard to care for their families and lead a life of some dignity. Read More
Drivers Licenses for AllImmigration
We need to destroy their corrupt machines root and branch
Whitney Strub
Published: 11/25/2019
In short, they don’t need to say out loud what Biden so gracelessly said; they embody it in their actions by holding progressives captive to the Democratic Party and its machines, knowing we won’t vote Republican. Read More
Joe BidenDrivers Licenses for AllEssex County, NJICESteve SweeneyJoe DiVincenzo
Elected Officials Should Listen
Devika Gupta
Published: 11/16/2019
Activists have raised two issues in NJ that demand immediate action from our elected officials. Read More
ICEEssex County, NJDrivers Licenses for AllImmigration
New Jersey needs to follow New York's lead on Drivers Licenses
Anthony Lioi
Published: 11/08/2019
A driver's license law would lower the number of violations and lessen the number of people jailed by ICE. Read More
Drivers Licenses for All